Equipment and facility provisioning


Alarm indication signal
AINS Automatic INService
ALS Automatic laser shutdown
AM Analog maintenance
AMP Amplifier
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
BT Base-T
BB Broadband
BLSR Bidirectional line switched ring
BMAX Maximum bandwidth mode
CBR Constant bit rate
CFP 100G transceiver form factor pluggable
CHC Channel Control
CMD Channel Mux/Demux
CMF Client management frame
CPE Customer premise equipment
CPL Common Photonic Layer
CSF Client signal failure
CTAG Correlation Tag
DCC Data communications channel
DISP Dispersion
DPO DWDM pluggable optics
DS1 Digital signal, level 1
DSCM Dispersion Slope Compensation Modules
DSM DS1 service module
DWDM Dense wavelength division multiplexing
ED Extended dispersion
EFM Ethernet in the first mile
EP Extended power
ETH Ethernet
EVPL E-line Ethernet virtual private line

FC Fiber channel
FE Fast Ethernet
FEC Forward error correction
FICON Fiber Connectivity
GCC General communication channel
GE Gigabit Ethernet
GFP Generic framing procedure
GFP-F Generic framing procedure – framed
GFP-T Generic framing procedure – transparent
HERS Head-end ring switching
IS In-service
iISIS Integrated ISIS
L2SS Layer 2 service switch
LACP Link aggregation control protocol
LAG Link aggregation group
LAN Local area network
LCAS Link capacity adjustment scheme
LF Local fault
LIM Line interface module
LOF Loss of frame
LOFEF Laser off far end fail
LOP Loss of pointer
LOS Loss of signal
MAC Medium access control
MS Multiplex section
MSP Multiplex section protection
MS-SPRing Multiplex section shared protection ring
MTU Maximum transfer unit
MXC Multiservice Cross-connect
MOTR Mux optical transponder
NGM Next generation modulation
NNI Network-network interface
OAM&P Operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning
OCI Optical Channel Interface
OCLD Optical Channel and Laser Detector
ODU Optical channel data unit
OME Optical Multiservice Edge
OOS Out-of-service
OPTMON Optical Monitoring
OPU Optical channel payload unit
OSC Optical service channel
OSIC Optical supervisory and idler channel

OSPF Open Shortest Path First
OTM Optical transport module
OTN Optical transport network
OTR Optical transponder
OTSC Optical Transponder & Service Channel
OTU Optical channel transport unit
PEC Product engineering code
PMAX Maximum protection mode
RFI Remote failure indication
PDH Plesiosynchronous Digital Hierarchy
PN Polynomial number
PPP Point-to-point protocol
RPR Resilient packet ring
RS Regenerator section
Rx Receive
SDH Synchronous digital hierarchy
SDH-J Synchronous digital hierarchy-Japan
SFP Small form factor pluggable
SMUX SuperMux
SONET Synchronous optical network
SBS Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
SNMP Simple network management protocol
SP Shelf processor
SPLI Service and photonic layer interoperability
SS Steady state
TM Termination module
TMUX Trans Mux
TNE Tunnel endpoint
TNS Tunnel segment
TPT Transponder protection tray
TR Transmit receive
TTI Trail trace identifier
Tx Transmit
UNI User-network interface
UPC User privilege code
VCE Virtual circuit endpoint
VCG Virtual concatenation group
VCS Virtual circuit segment
WAN Wide area network
WSC wayside channel
WSS Wavelength selective switch
WSSOPM Wavelength selective switch with optical power monitor

WT Wavelength translator
XC Cross-connect
XFP 10G transceiver form factor pluggable